CDLP co-organizes Major Employment & Disability Law Conference in China

Jan 17 2018 Posted: 12:58 GMT
A two-day conference will take place between January 20-21, 2018 on 'EU-China International Disability Employment Law: From Sheltered Workshops to Supported Employment in the Open Labor Market - a Mutual Challenge.' at the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, China. This conference will bring together some leading disability law and policy experts from both Europe and China for an open exchange of experiences and perspectives on the global effort to move persons with disabilities away from sheltered employment and toward employment in the open labor market with appropriate support.

The conference organizers are the Law School, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics and Shanghai Zhijun Public Interest & Law Institute: the co-organizers are the Centre for Disability Law & Policy, NUI Galway and the Disability Law Hub, School of Law, University of Leeds.

A conference programme can be downloaded here: Shanghai conference Programme