Passing of Donal Toolan, RIP

Apr 24 2017 Posted: 11:46 IST
The Centre for Disability Law & Policy and NUI Galway and its family of alumni around the world mourns the loss of Donal Toolan. Donal was one of the founders of the disability rights movement in Ireland and an inspirational leader. He spoke with great moral conviction and clarity – and was never afraid to speak out. He challenged deeply held assumptions and was always especially attuned to hypocrisy and double-think.

The Director of the Centre, Prof Gerard Quinn said “We have now lost Donal. And we recently lost Frank Mulcahy and Martin Naughton. Together they were the best generation. They reminded people that the founding ideals of this Republic over 100 years ago concerning the inherent equality of all citizens was just an empty myth for several generations of people with disabilities. But they were equally clear that it was also an ideal worth fighting for. Its time now for a new generation to emerge and take the baton. Donal lit a bright path for them. We mourn his loss, treasure our memories and will try hard to send the next generation on their way in his –and their –honour.”

Prof Gerard Quinn