Academic Year 2023/2024

New Students

Welcome to University of Galway! Before you begin your academic year, you will need to be fully registered with the University. Online registration will open from 10am on the  17th August for First Year incoming postgraduate and undergraduate students via: 

Please download our Online Registration Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to complete your registration for the Academic Year 2023-24.  

Upload a Photo for your Student Identity Card

Uploading a photo is an essential part of the registration process to obtain a Student ID Card. Please refer to the Photograph Guidelines available here.

Photo upload deadlines as follows:

  • New 1st Year undergraduates - 11th September 2023

  • New 1st Year postgraduates - 31st August 2023

Returning Students:
You will not get a new card in September. The card you were issued last year will remain valid for the duration of your course. To ensure the card is active for this current academic year, you need to register online.

Continuing Students

Welcome back to the next year of your course! 

Online registration will open from 10am on the 17th August for continuing postgraduate students and from 10am between the 17th and 24th August for undergraduate students.

You must register online and select modules where appropriate (predominantly PG courses) before the 12th September 2023. Registration dates will be provided to you by your course administrator with standard orientation data, and you will find start dates and contact information at the end of this page.

Past Students of University of Galway (formally NUI Galway)

If you are a past student of this University, please note that it is University of Galway policy to retain your full student history under your first (or old) University of Galway ID number. You will therefore be required to register using your existing University of Galway student number (please do not register using your CRM application number). There are, unfortunately, implications for your student account if you register under the wrong number.

Repeat Students

Welcome back to your course! Registration will open for students who completed repeat exams from 10am on the 4th September. Register online and select modules where appropriate. Student ID Cards previously issued to current students will remain your ID card for the duration of your course at University of Galway. Contact the Student Registry Helpdesk regarding replacement ID cards and contact your course administrator if you have any further queries.

Course Specific Information

Course Information 2023/242023 Start Dates Further Information   
Diploma in Learning and Development 10th October
Diploma in Technology Enhanced Learning 5th October
BA in Community, Youth & Family Studies (Yr 1) 29th & 30th September
BA in Community, Youth & Family Studies (Yr 2) 15th & 16th September
BA in Community, Youth & Family Studies (Yr 3) 8th & 9th September
BA in Community, Youth & Family Studies (Yr 4) 1st & 2nd September
BA in Early Childhood Studies (Yr 4) 4th September
BA in Training and Education (Yr 4) 4th September
BA in Social Care September
BSc Science & Technology Studies 9th September
Diploma in Science and Technology Studies 9th September
Diploma in Operations Engineering    9th September
Specialist Diploma in Automation & Control    16th September
Specialist Diploma in Corporate Environmental Planning 16th September
Specialist Diploma Lean and Quality Systems 16th September
Specialist Diploma Medical Device Science 16th September
Diploma in Software Engineering Mid-September
Diploma in Management (Yr 2) 11th September
Diploma in Marketing (Yr 1) 11th September
Higher Diploma in Business Studies 11th September
Bachelor of Commerce (Online) 11th September
Bachelor of Arts (Online) September
Diploma in Apiculture (Bees and Beekeeping) (Yr 1) September
Diploma in Apiculture (Bees and Beekeeping) (Yr 2) September
Diploma in Archaeology (Online) (Yr 2) September
Diploma in Earth & Ocean Sciences September
Diploma in French (Galway) (Yr 1) September
Diploma in French (Galway) (Yr 2) September
Diploma in German (Yr 2) September
Diploma in Gemmology (Yr 1) September
Diploma in Irish Studies (Online) (Yr 2) September
Diploma in Italian (Online - Beginners) (Yr 1) September
Diploma in Italian (Online - Beginners) (Yr 2) September
Diploma in Italian (Intermediate) (Yr 1)  September
Diploma in Italian (Intermediate) (Yr 2)  September
Diploma in Spanish (Yr 2) September
Diploma in Youth & Community Development Practice  29th & 30th September
Certificate in Youth Work Practice  29th & 30th September
Micro-creds / Continuing Professional Development (MC/CPD) 31st August