Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Literary Futures Workshop: Imagining Possible Futures

What insights can the arts and literature offer us to think about and plan for different futures? 

About this event

The University of Galway Creative Futures Team and Arts in Action invite you to a Literary Futures workshop. 

Literary Futures is a creative approach to futures work that, through drawing on literature, offers innovative engagements with futures techniques, enabling the exploration of multiple possible worlds from various perspectives 

This workshop will introduce you to how the novel engages with futures scenarios, allowing readers to position themselves in relation to multiple possible worlds. Drawing on storytelling, character development and world building techniques, participants will collaboratively create their own imagined worlds and explore the challenges that might emerge were these to come into existence. 

This workshop offers creative insights into world building and the futures that people want, approaching them from different perspectives. All activities are easily replicated and can be used in diverse decision-making situations. 

Full guidance and support will be offered, and no previous experience or preparation is required. 

Spaces are limited and registration is essential, book here. 

Location: O'Donoghue Theatre, University of Galway    
Time:13:00 - 15:00