How often is my office cleaned? 

Your office will be cleaned once a week by the cleaning team, employees should keep a clear desk to ensure a thorough cleaning of work surfaces. For additional safety we recommend that all staff regularly wipe down their personal work areas and frequently touched objects with sanitising wipes (i.e. workstations/desks, keyboards and telephones).

See also number 4 on Cleaning Services

How often are the teaching venues / labs / toilets / public spaces cleaned?

Cleaning is carried out according to the schedule on Cleaning Services

Who is responsible for cleaning the kitchens?

See number 6 on Cleaning Services

Are there any additional cleaning procedures in place for Covid-19 ?

Details are on number 1 Public areas and Circulation Spaces - Touchpoint Protocol on Cleaning Services

What additional procedures are in place for cleaning Teaching Venues during Covid-19?

Details are on number 2 Teaching Venues (Theatres, Classrooms, PC Suites etc.) on Cleaning Services

What happens if there is a case of Covid-19 in our office/venue?

Details are on number 5  Deep Cleaning after suspected Case of Covid-19 on Cleaning Services

Where are hand sanitisers located and how often are they checked and replenished? 

Details are on number 3 Hand Sanitisers on Cleaning Services

We would like to install a sanitiser in our office / unit, what is the procedure?

We believe there are an adequate number of dispensers fitted in strategic locations across every building but other units are welcome to install more if they assume responsibility for them including refilling.

How do I buy additional PPE, consumables or equipment for my unit?

Information on the Provision of PPE, Consumables and Equipment (Government Framework) is on the Procurement & Contracts website


How do I get a new chair or desk?

Buildings & Estates co-ordinate basic chair and desk requests, log your request on Pemac Assets. Contact your Buildings & Estates Liaison to log requests with us online.

If you have a medical issue and you need a specific chair or desk you need to arrange to have your workstation assessed. Each Unit should have a local staff member available as a Display Screen Equipment/Computer Assessor. The process and list of relevant staff are on the Health & Safety website.

If a medical condition is highlighted as part of this assessment you should forward the assessment to Human Resources at and copy Buildings & Estates Helpdesk

Human Resources will contact you in relation to scheduling an appointment with the  Occupational Health Physician (OHP).

Recommendations will be implemented by Buildings & Estates.

How do I get a footrest?

Units can purchase footrests from stationery supplier, check with the Procurement & Contracts Office for approved service supplier.

Moving Items

How do I move/remove Printers and Photocopiers?

Contact your supplier directly to arrange this.

How do I request moving of items for Open Day?

Forward your request to the Student Recruitment and Outreach Team at they co-ordinate all aspects of Open Day.

How do I request moving the Water Cooler or getting it repaired?

Check with the Procurement & Contracts Office for approved service supplier. Contact the supplier directly to arrange moving or repair.


What type of Permit is right for Me?

Agency Staff

To purchase/renew your monthly parking permit click on Online Payments system and choose "Visitor Permit". Once payment has been approved you will be notified by email and can then proceed to the payment stage.


Parking must be paid for at all times while on campus.  In order to park on campus you must notify your NUI Galway contact that you will be arriving on campus and specify the duration of your stay by using the following link Online Payments system and choose the "Contractor Permit" option. Once payment has been approved you will be notified by email and can then proceed to the payment stage.

Job Sharing

It is not possible to get a "half-permit." All permits are valid from 1 September to 31 August. Where you have a short term contract you may consider using the Pay and Display facilities instead of purchasing a visitor permit.

How do I change Vehicle Details for Permit Parking? 

You may register multiple vehicles to your permit, however, note only one vehicle protected at any one time. If you wish to bring a different car on campus you must log on to Online Payments system using your APCOA username and password. The vehicle you have on campus must be the vehicle set as default on the system.

I feel I have been unfairly clamped. What can I do?

Information on how to appeal a clamping fee is on the Parking Information section of Parking & Getting Around Campus

How do I avoid being clamped?

  1. There are different types of spaces on campus; please find out which is which before you travel.
  2. We value your visit to the University, and your meeting here may be of strategic importance to the Unit or Discipline you are visiting/assisting, but the rules are there for a reason and we cannot allow you to park in contravention of the rules, regardless of how important your visit is. 
  3. Staff must park in staff designated spaces and students must park in student designated spaces.  Both staff and students can park in areas which are zoned as shared (see Maps for details).
  4. If you park in a Pay & Display (“P&D”) space, you must buy a ticket from the nearby machines or use the Pay by Phone option and display your ticket on your dashboard face up, regardless of what other type of permit you might have.
  5. If you buy a P&D ticket, you can only park in spaces marked “P&D/Í&T”, marked also with blue lines. If you park anywhere else, even with a valid P&D ticket, you will be clamped.
  6. If you have bought a P&D ticket and it runs out, you may be clamped, regardless of circumstances, so please renew your ticket if it is about to expire.
  7. Only park in marked spaces – please do not think that where you have parked is ‘out of the way and not obstructing anyone’. Do not park on footpaths, landscaping, double yellow lines or in yellow boxes and do not obstruct fire exits.
  8. If you have a valid Conference Permit you are permitted to park only in the car park referred to on the front of the permit during the dates specified. This permit does not allow you to park in a Pay & Display (“P&D”) space without displaying a valid P&D ticket.
  9. If you park in a universally accessible bay you must display a 'blue badge' permit issued by the IWA or a valid Staff or Student Temporary Disability permit.
  10. Do not display a note in your window explaining why you have parked illegally. The clampers have been instructed to ignore such notes, which do not count as valid parking permits
  11. Use a loading bay only if you are actively involved in the loading or unloading of equipment. They are not parking spaces.

What is a written contract of employment?

It is a document issued by the Human Resources office which outlines the duties of the post, rate of pay and hours of work etc. It is signed by the staff member and a representative of the University. 

I have a temporary (fixed term) contract, do I qualify?

Yes. Full time, part time and employees holding contracts of indefinite duration are all eligible to apply, providing you have a written contract of employment.

I work part-time, how much will my permit cost?

The cost for a staff permit is the same for everyone within this category regardless of status. This ensures that those who hold a permit may park at any time on the University grounds.

I have a 6 month contract, can I get a permit for 6 months?

No, all permits are valid from 1 September to 31 August.  Where you have a short term contract you may consider using the Pay and Display facilities instead.

I am out for half of the year on sick leave / maternity leave, can I get a permit for six months?

No, all permits are valid from 1 September to 31 August.  Where you have a short term contract you may consider using the Pay and Display facilities instead.

I am employed on a fixed term contract while completing my studies at the University. May I apply for a staff permit?

Yes.  The full €55 fee for an annual staff permit will apply.  If you hold a student permit it will be invalidated on the system.  No refunds can be offered in such cases.

Do I have to pay the full amount?

There are no discounts for part-time students, sick leave, term-only, job shares, part-time working arrangements, or for a short working week or year. It is intended as a levy and not a parking charge and applies even if you do not avail of the Park and Ride service or cannot find a parking space.

I don’t want to use the park and ride facility or bus service, do I still have to pay the charge?

Yes. All revenues generated from the charge go toward funding the Parking Management System. The permit charge applies to all permits regardless of how you use them or if you use the bus service.

I am Experiencing Difficulties processing my Payment Authorisation (using Citipay).

The secure monetary transaction/processing is hosted by a company called Citipay (an online secure payment system).  There may be a number of reasons why the authorisation has not been successful including:

  • You have entered details incorrectly
  • There may be too much traffic on the servers, please try later
  • Card issue, you may need to choose an alternative card to process the transaction

Please contact APCOA directly 0818 462888 (Option 7, Option 2 from the recorded message) if you continue to encounter difficulties.

Staff Monthly/Weekly Payroll Deduction

  • In consultation with the Partnership sub-group (on Mobility Management) it was agreed to allow staff to spread their charge over the year through salary payroll deduction.
  • It was also agreed that this facility could only be availed of IN THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER and not thereafter, to reduce administrative workload (as there is no direct link possible between the APCOA computers and the NUI Galway payroll for security reasons). After 1730 on the last working day of September payment by payroll deduction will no longer be available.
  • Monthly paid staff deduction: 10 deductions in total – the first deduction will come from your October pay slip
  • Weekly paid staff deduction: 40 deductions in total – the first deduction will come from your October pay slip
  • Should you click the button to avail of the payroll, you will be deemed to have signed your authority for the Buildings Office to pass a regular charge against your salary until the permit charge is paid in full. Normal conditions relating to change in service/P45 terms and payback apply.
Terms and conditions

I agree to a deduction in my wages/salary in the sum of €55 to be paid on a weekly/monthly basis to commence from the first week of October. The total deduction will be €55.

All parking and related payroll deduction queries can only be addressed by the Parking & Travel Office. The Payroll Office are unable to assist with parking and related deduction queries.

What is Federated Identitiy?

The Edugate federation is comprised of public and private Irish Higher Education Institutions and Research Organisations that have agreed upon a standard procedure for exchanging information about users and resources to enable access and use of those resources and services. The Edugate federation is a service operated by HEAnet in co-operation with HEAnet member institutions

For further information visit:

Additional Park and Ride Services

Any unit that would like to run a Park and Ride service outside the Park & Ride Bus Service calendar times should contact City Direct (eg Conferring, Conference). The cost will be incurred by the unit requesting the additional service.

Photographs/ Filming

Can I take my wedding photographs in the Quadrangle (or elsewhere on the campus)?

Forward your request to Marketing & Communications

Can I film on campus?

Forward your request to Marketing & Communications

Plumbing, Ventilation, Power & Lifts

Plumbing, Ventilation, Power & Lifts

Visit Plumbing, Ventilation, Power & Lifts for further information.


How do I request storage space

Buildings & Estates have no central storage space. We advise all units to rationalise their own allocated space on campus to accommodate their storage needs or to consider electronic storage systems or use a storage company. Check with the Procurement & Contracts Office for approved service supplier.


My telephone is not working, how do I request repair?

Log your query/issue on the ISS Helpdesk.