Past Events




2016 16/01/16 Developing Disability Rights in China: From Paper to Practice?
2015 04/06/15 Just Being Me: My Right to be in the World (Community Living) and my Right to make my own Decisions in the World (Legal Capacity)
2014 16/06/14 6th International Disability Law Summer School
  04/04/14 Copyright Reform in Ireland & Reflections on the WIPO Marrakesh Treaty
2013 12/07/13 Web Accessibility for People with Intellectual Disabilities
  17/06/13 5th International Disability Law Summer School
  17/05/13 Getting Ready to Ratify
  03/05/13 Community Living for All
  29/04/13 Supported Decision-Making in Theory & Practice: Ireland’s Capacity Bill
  09/04/13 Launch of Vol. 3 of the European Yearbook of Disability Law
2012 08/10/12 What does Equal Access to the printed word mean in the elecronic age?
  23/06/12 Mental Health Law Reform: New Perspectives and Challenges
  18/06/12 4th International Disability Summer School
  17/04/12 Living Real Lives in the Community - Dr. Michael Kendrick
  03/03/12 Amnesty International Conference
  12/03/12 Proposed Disabilites Studies Association of Ireland
  06/03/12 Genetic Discrimination
2011 02/12/11 DSAI Proposed at International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  20/11/11 Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities
  19/11/11 Genetic Discrimination Conference
  04/11/11 Active Citizenship and Disability Conference
  17/02/11 Lifecourse Institute Election Event
2010 12/12/10 National Disability Strategies Conference
  26/04/10 Global PhD
  24/04/10 International and Comparative Perspectives on Employment and Disability Law