Academic Practice Framework

‌Academic practice in the contemporary, research-engaged university is complex and multi-dimensional. With continually changing internal and external contexts, simple induction training at the start of an academic career is no longer sufficient. As professionals engaged in teaching, research, consultancy, professional practice and making cultural and civic contributions, academic staff require a flexible, high quality provision of continuing professional development (CPD) opportunties throughout their career.  In recognition of this, NUI Galway has established an Academic Practice Framework within which modules and qualifications provided by CELT are situated. 

In practical terms this means that we offer a range of modules which can either be taken on a 'standalone' basis or combined to build up a series of professional, postgraduate qualifications. The qualifications and modules which we currently offer are as below.  It is possible to graduate and exit the framework at any stage and to rejoin at a later date (provided not too great a period has elapsed that course content/structure has significantly changed). Articulation into the programme using qualifications and courses completed elsewhere is also possible via RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).


Professional Development

CELT supports the professional development of academic staff and others in the broad area of contemporary academic practice, with a focus on teaching and learning.

We offer a range of postgraduate qualifications, standalone (credit-bearing) modules, workshops, conferences and individual or group consultation. 

If you would like an individual consultation or advice, you are very welcome to contact either the Director or Assistant Director. 

An appointment can be booked via the CELT office: