Online Self-Study Resources via Blackboard at NUI Galway

CELT, HR, Graduate Studies, Adult & Continuing Education, the School of Education, and the Research Office have over recent years licensed materials from Epigeum for use within University modules and programmes.

These materials consist of high-quality self-study lessons which can be used in standalone mode or combined to produce the core content of a module.   The content is written by commissioned experts in the field and peer-reviewed, before undergoing final revision.

There are two forms of licence: (a) in which NUIG has been a development partner contributing to the design and evaluation, which then allows free subsequent use of the materials; or (b) an annual subscription to content produced by a consortium in which we were not original partners.

In both cases, however, the content is available for use in any formal modules or courses offered by the university to officially registered students or staff and delivered via Blackboard. Statistics on usage can be gathered in the normal way and, in some cases, quizzes can be integrated with the Blackboard Grade Centre.

If you would like to use these materials in any of your modules or courses, please contact  

Note that a number of these are already used in existing postgraduate level modules and programmes (eg  1GST1: Graduate Studies – to which all PhD students have access; GS506 Teaching & Learning) and it might be simpler to refer your students to these. Each of the online lessons contains substantial amounts of materials and several activities/exercises, so these are not necessarily just for additional reference, but rather might be seen as core components of a module.





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