Strategies and Policies

The University's philosophy and approaches to the design of courses, teaching and the support of learning are captured in the institutional Learning, Teaching & Assessment Strategy. This Strategy is approved by Academic Council and all courses and practices should comply with its requirements.

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Design & Management of Courses & Modules

The LTA Strategy provides the overarching framework for the design and operation of courses and modules (augmented by University regulations on degree structures, examinations, etc). Some additional documentation and supports are also available here that provide more detailed information and guidance.

Academic staff are supported in the skills of curricular design and teaching via our workshops, the formal qualifications which constitute our Professional Development Framework for Academic Practice and also by accessing some useful online resources for self-study (available in the 'Teaching & Learning Forum' section of Blackboard).

Teaching with Technology

University of Galway's virtual learning environment (or 'learning management system') is Canvas from the start of Academic Year (2023/24) . This provides a wide range of tools to support communication, the sharing of teaching and learning materials and to manage assessment and feedback. In addition, many other technologies are used, both in the classroom and online and academic staff at the University of Galway are continually innovating and developing as each new technology emerges, maintaining a key focus on approaches which lead to an improved learning experience and a better managed portfolio of courses and programmes.

You can log-in to Canvas at using your Office 365 university credentials. 

To begin with, all staff will be provided with access to a self-paced Canvas training course, Growing with Canvas. There will also be a comprehensive and extensive series of training sessions provided over the coming months to ensure staff are supported during this transition period. 

Teaching Evaluation & Developing your Teaching Practice

Obtaining and reflecting on feedback is a key aspect of a professional approach to teaching and in NUI Galway academic staff avail of a number of approaches which include peer observation, student surveys, and a focus-group style approach. In addition, it is increasingly common practice to compile and maintain a 'Teaching Portfolio' which provides a record of experience, reflection and performance. Such documents are useful for the individual lecturer to take stock of their own professional development but also are effective forms of evidence to submit for applications for promotions or teaching awards. 

We also provide training for those who may be acting in a teaching or learning support role such as Graduate Teaching Assistants and part-time tutors. This is mainly addressed through an online 5 ECTS module (available on a 'standalone' basis or as part of the Structured PhD programmes offered across the University):  GS506 Teaching & Learning.  For those who teach on online or blended learning courses, we also have a number of relevant modules and provide supports in partnership with the Centre for Adult Learning & Professional Development.

Advice & Consultation

CELT staff are available to discuss any issues regarding curricular design, professional development, teaching and technology use either in an informal one-to-one capacity or by a more formal arrangement with bespoke workshops or joint projects with disciplines, Schools and Colleges. 

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