Completed PhD, MLitt and MA theses (Archaeology)



Dr Daniel Curley

A multi-disciplinary study of lordly centres in the later medieval Uí Chellaig lordship of Uí Maine, c. 1100-1600 AD (2021).

Dr Enda O'Flaherty Archaeological watermarks: settlement and seasonal flooding in historical Ireland (2020)

Dr Peter Casby

Living trees in created environments of Gaelic Ireland c. 700-1600AD (2019)

Dr Daisy Spencer People, Land-use and Time: Linking multi-proxy palaeoenvironmental data to the archaeological record of prehistoric Co. Clare, Ireland (2019)
Dr Karina Hensel The symbolism of the Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge in Early Medieval Irish Christian art and iconography (2017)
Dr Yolande O'Brien Negociating the landscape: prehistoric and early medieval movement in a landscaper of esker and bog (2017)
Dr Betty Gray Material culture of high-status drinking ritual in medieval and early modern Gaelic Ireland (2016)

Dr Richard Gray

Settlement clusters at parish churches in Ireland, c. 1200-1600AD (2016)

Dr Eugene Costello

Transhumance practices in Ireland, and their role in settlement and society in post-medieval Ireland, c. 1500 - 1900 AD. (2016)

Dr Thor McVeigh

Calenders, feasting, cosmology and identity: Later Neolithic-Early Bronze Age Ireland in European context. (2016)

Dr Richard Clutterbuck

Rural Landscapes of Improvement in Ireland, 1650-1850: An archaeological Landscape Study (2015)

Dr Andrew Whitefield

Sustainable change: temporality and the Neolithic in Western Ireland (2015)

Dr Catriona Gleeson

Archaeological evidence for social differentiation in the Irish medieval town (2014)

Dr Philis Mercer

Ritual Aspects of Irish Portal Tombs (2014)

Dr Fiona Gavin

Insular Ornamental Metalwork AD300-500: ‘Military Style’ inspired art in Ireland and Britain (2014)

Dr Ros Ó Maoldúin

Exchange in Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age (EBA) Ireland: Connecting people, objects and ideas (2014)

Dr Katherine Leonard

Ritual in Late Bronze Age Ireland – material culture, practices, landscape setting, and social context (2014) 

Dr Margaret Mannion

Glass Beads of Early Medieval Ireland (2013)

Dr Theresa McDonald

Booleying in Achill, Achill Beg and Corraun: Survey, Excavation and Analysis of Booley Settlements in the Civil Parish of Achill (2013)

Dr Eve Campbell

Displacement and relocation in early modern Ireland: studies of transplantation settlements in Connacht and Clare (2012)

Dr Fiona Beglane

Parks and deer hunting: evidence from medieval Ireland (2012)

Dr Yvonne McDermott

Patronage and Observance: the Franciscans and Dominicans in the lordships of MacWilliam Iochtar and MacWilliam Uachtar, 1330-1550 (2012)

Dr Miriam Clyne

Irish medieval Premonstratensian monasteries and their European context (2010)

Dr Christy Cunniffe

Medieval Clonfert: the genesis, development and decline of a Gaelic cathedral town (2010)

Dr Robert Hensey

Ritual and belief in the passage tomb tradition of Ireland (2010)

Dr Noel McCarthy

The prehistoric archaeology of Slieve Gamph: movement, place and patterns (2010)

Dr Siobhán McDermott

Iconic Landscapes: settlement and society in Truagh, north County Monaghan, c. 1591-1800 (2010)

Dr Gerard Dowling

The architecture of power: an examination of the concept of closely-spaced multivallation in Ireland (2009)

Dr Jacqui O'Hara

A landscape archaeology of later medieval Fermanagh (2009)

Dr Paul Naessens

The Uí Fhlaithbheartaigh Gaelic lordship of Iarchonnacht: medieval lordly settlement on the Atlantic seaboard (2009)

Dr James McKeon

Anglo-Norman frontier urban settlement in the Plantagenet realm: studies from south Connacht (2008)

Dr Roseanne Schot

Uisneach, Co. Westmeath: archaeology, history and legend (Prehistory - c. AD 1100) (2008)

Dr Rory Sherlock

The social environment of the Irish tower house (2008)

Dr Diarmuid Ó Seaneachain

English plantation settlement and the lost indigenous landscapes of Ulster and Chesapeake Bay in the sixteenth century (2006)

Dr Colin Breen

The archaeology and cultural landscape history of Bantry and Beara 1200-1650 (2004)

Dr Michelle Comber

The economy of the ringfort in Early Historic Ireland (2000)



Andy Kellogg The early medieval royal assembly sites at Gamla Uppsala and Magh Adhair: a comparative study of their settlement and landscape contexts (2020).
Mary Eleanor Pereira A land of wind, of rock and of water: medieval settlement and environment in the Landscape of Killary Fjord, Mweelrea Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean (2019)

Mary Collette Allen

The landscapes of Buí the Cailleach Bhéarra (2017)

Colleen O'Hara

The cultural context of Ulster coarse pottery c. 1200-1650 (2010)

Daniel Tietzch-Tyler

The value of archaeological reconstruction drawing to the archaeologist and non-specialist (2010)

Killian Driscoll

The early prehistory in the west of Ireland: Investigations into the social archaeology of the Mesolithic, west of the Shannon, Ireland.

Matthew Logue

The castle of Greencastle, Co. Donegal (2006)

John Malcolm

Castles and English lordship in Uí Fhiachrach Muaidhe, c.1235- c.1400 (2004)

Niamh Walsh

The early medieval sculpture at Carndonagh, Co. Donegal: iconography, context and date (2003)

Helen Bermingham

Priests' residences in late medieval Ireland (2001)

Oliver McHugh

Crannogs in the barony of Monaghan: a case for late occupation in a Gaelic Lordship (2000)

MA in Landscape, Archaeology & Heritage


Liam Conaghan

Deliberate anachronism in the residential architecture and settlement forms of the elite of later medieval Britain and Ireland, c. 1100 – 1600 CE. (2023)

Stephanie Clark

Landscape myhthologization, place-making and collective identity: myth and materiality at Tara, 1830 - present. (2023)

Bridget Dunleavy

Spaces of discipline, places of creation: landscape, performativity and resistance in carceral studies. (2023)

MA in Archaeology


Kate Crossin (USA)

Avery's Rest Plantation: A GIS interpretation of distributional patterns of Plowzone artifacts in an Early Colonial context (2015)

Joshua Guy

Strokestown House and Parklands: a biography of its presentation as a public space (2015)

Kathryn Ruble (USA)

A critical appraisal of heritage management approaches to shared stewardship: The State Preservation Officer Program and Heritage Officer Network (2015)

Dara Keane

The Dunbell raths, Co. Kilkenny, from 1852 to the present day: antiquarians, artefacts and monuments in a disappearing landscape (2007)

Sandra Burke

The iconography of zoomorphic penannular brooches (2007)

Ger Dowling

A landscape study of the prehistoric archaeology of the Barony of  Clare, North Galway. (2001)

MA in Landscape Archaeology


Margaret Murphy

Roscommon Castle. (2002)


Note: a full list of the completed MA in Landscape Archaeology dissertations can be found on the 'MA in Landscape Archaeology research' page.

MA in Medieval Studies


Erin Britton

Fiddaun Castle: An O'Shaughnessy Tower House (2008)

Hugh Gallagher The archaeology and history of Ballynahan castle, Co. Mayo. (2023)