International Development

Why Chooses this Subject?

  • If you want to impact the lives of those living in developing countries, this course is for you.
  • International Development is an interdisciplinary subject combining themes of Rights and Equality, Sustainable Development, Business Development, Policy and International Development Practice.
  • Over the next 10 years the government will double its expenditure on development projects to €30 billion, meaning there will be demand for graduates.
  • Students will have an opportunity to engage in a work placement.

Course Structure

Year One

Year 1 will provide an introduction to key themes of the programme in Development Studies, Human Rights and Sustainable Development.

  • Introduction to Development Studies
  • Introduction to Human Rights I
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development
  • Learning Skills

Year Two

Year 2 will enhance knowledge in the key themes and introduce students to Development Practice.

  • Development Practice I
  • Comparative Rural Business Development
  • Climate Change and Forestry Development
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming
  • Contemporary Issues in Human Rights Protection

Year Three

Year 3 will focus on experiential learning. The third year of the programme gives students the opportunity to spend part or all of the year studying at a university outside Ireland, to enhance their global experience. Students also have the option to undertake a work placement. Other options may include a volunteering year

Year Four

In Final Year, the student will deepen their knowledge of Development Practice, develop research skills and take advanced courses from a range of electives in areas of interest from the different themes, Rights and Equality, Sustainable Development, Business Development and Policy.

Core Modules:

  • Development Practice II (Development, Extension and Communications)
  • Development Practice III (Project and Financial Management)
  • Innovation Systems and Value Chains
  • Development Practice IV (Seminar and Development Practice Project)

The choice of electives will depend upon a students’ second subject but will be drawn from:

  • Brave New World: Globalisation Since 1945
  • Development and Change
  • The Politics of Peace and Conflict
  • Migration, Mobility and Belonging
  • Development Economics
  • Geographical Perspectives on Rural Change
  • Local Development Theory and Practice
  • Sexualities, Genders and Diversities
  • Human Rights Advocacy: Concepts, Law and Practice
  • Climate Change, Plants & Agriculture

Study Abroad

All students of International Development are highly encouraged to undertake an Erasmus or study abroad exchange. Students undertaking the Languages pathway must spend their third year abroad studying in their chosen language, ideally either in a developing county context or taking modules in development studies ora related area in the foreign language. Students may also apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in Years 1 and 2 within real-world professional settings, engaging in a range of intensive professional activities while taking part in an internship in a development  practice role within an organisation. 

Career Opportunities

The valuable oral and written communication skills, advanced development practice skills, and critical thinking skills that the subject Development Practice will offer students are highly transferrable and sought after by employers in various sectors, including: international development projects; International, National and Regional Development Agencies; Development Consultancies; International Organisations, Foundations, Aid Agencies, Social Enterprises, and Think Tanks; the Public Sector, Civil Service and Diplomatic Corps; and Multinational Technology Companies. This will allow graduates to progress to an exciting variety of careers, including development project management and implementation, policy development, developing donor relations, and activation measures.