3rd European Funding Award for Prof Frances Fahy in 2020/21

Mar 16 2021 Posted: 08:37 GMT

A new European project exploring sustainable lifestyles across Europe is starting in Geography at NUIG in May 2021. Prof Frances Fahy (Geography, NUI Galway) is the lead Social Scientist on the CAMPAIGNers (Citizens Acting on Mitigation Pathways through Active Implementation of a Goal-setting Network) project which is a new three-year European study which aims to develop a ground breaking new approach that enables citizens to gain real-life experiences with low-carbon behaviours in various domains (e.g. transportation, energy, IT, banking, insurance, food, clothing, etc.). The CAMPAIGNers’ innovative approach will implement a ‘goal-setting network’, where over 100,000 citizens receive and create challenges to try out tailored adaptations to their daily routines. Their responses to these challenges, associated treatments, and short questionnaires will deliver unprecedented data of behavioural processes, (local) barriers to change, and motivators, allowing for empirically-based scientific support of cities in crafting policies to encourage low-carbon lifestyles. Together with local, national and EU policy makers insights are analysed regarding the ‘right-level-to-act’ and policy-ready recommendations are jointly derived. 

Discipline of Geography

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