Axel Leahy presents to Joint Oireachtas Committee

Jun 20 2019 Posted: 10:18 IST
On May 09th 2019 Axel Leahy presented his views on policy challenges facing the European Union in relation to “Climate Action and Sustainable Development” to five Joint Oireachtas Committees - see video clip here (1hr 58mins into the May 9th recording).  The Ceann Comhairle organised the special joint sitting of five Joint Oireachtas Committees, the Joint Committee on Climate Action included. The session engaged with younger citizens in relation to key policy issues facing the European Union.  It is highly likely that the views aired on the day contributed in some way to the Government’s new climate action plan, with Tánaiste Simon Coveney saying a permanent Oireachtas committee dedicated to climate change is to be set up under the plan. 

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