Brainstorming Bertra: International experts coming to share ideas

Sep 30 2019 Posted: 12:22 IST
Bertra Strand and its dunes are in a precarious state. It has been pounded by series of storms in the past decade with dire consequences.  An integrated vision is needed for the future welfare of the whole coastal landscape, where the natural environment is inextricably linked to that of the local communities of Murrisk, Lecanvy and Belclare. To kickstart local climate action an event is being run by the EU Aelclic Project.  The event on Tuesday Oct 1st at 7pm in The Tavern, Murrisk, Co Mayo, will hear of international experiences from Prof Enzo Pranzini (University of Florence), Prof Bas Pedroli (Wageningen University) and Dr Maura Farrell (NUI Galway).  Hearing of good practices from Ireland and abroad will demonstrate that solutions do exist that can be beneficial to the communities and the natural environment at the same time. The outcomes of the event are expected to be, a greater awareness of possible solutions and a solid commitment from those interested to work together to take action. [Further Info]

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