Deployment of AWAC and ADCP in Brandon Bay Co Kerry

Sep 14 2020 Posted: 09:51 IST

Dr Eugene Farrell and Ms Sheena Fennell (Senior Technician, Earth & Ocean Sciences NUIG & Ryan Institute) deployed an AWAC and ADCP in nearshore (15m) Brandon Bay Co Kerry last week as part of the ongoing coastal monitoring programme that focuses on The Maharees. The ocean observations are in partnership with the Marine Institute. The wave and current data will assist in validating a numerical model of the hydrodynamics of the bay which in being developed by Mr Andi Egon (PhD candidate) in Civil Engineering NUIG with Dr Stephen Nash. The model will support coastal erosion management decisions. Sincere thank you to Dr Martin White (EOS)  for loaning the sensors to the project. 

Discipline of Geography