Developing sustainable healthy food policies in universities, hospitals and the workplace

Apr 11 2018 Posted: 10:09 IST
Every day, at every meal, people across Ireland are reliant on a global network of actors to produce, process and distribute the food that they consume. But the dominant system of industrialized food provisioning is unsustainable both from a socio-economic and an environmental perspective. The additional demands that will be made on the food system over the next 30 years and beyond will place additional pressures on an already fragile system. A necessary transformation of the food system requires action from all levels of society, including organizations and institutions that provide food. Organizations such as hospitals, workplaces and educational institutions shape the meal choices of thousands of people every day and have a significant impact on the food system through their procurement and provisioning activities. These activities have a direct impact on people’s health, the economy, social wellbeing and the environment. [download full policy]