Dr Karen Taylor awarded an SFI-IRC Pathway research grant

Nov 07 2023 Posted: 13:47 GMT

Dr Karen Taylor has been awarded an SFI-IRC Pathway research grant to establish a long-term record of natural climate variability to inform future climate predictions for Ireland. The CORE project is co-funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and Met Éireann.

The four-year project is hosted by the Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit (PRU), School of Geography, Archaeology and Irish Studies, in collaboration with Dr Aaron Potito, Dr Karen Molloy and Jacob Nguyen.

In the press release on Friday the 3rd of November 2023, the Director of Met Éireann, Eoin Moran, welcomed the announcement, adding: “Met Éireann is also proud to support talent in partnership with the SFI-IRC Pathway Programme. We are delighted to fund research which will help us ‘make Ireland weather and climate prepared’. As we develop climate services to indeed help the country prepare for resilience in a warming world, we look forward to co-funding the project to better understand our past climate’s variability to inform future climate predictions.”

For more details see the press release. [READ]

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