H2020 Co-ordinator Proposal Preparation Support Scheme

Jul 05 2018 Posted: 12:04 IST
Dr Eugene Farrell successfully applied to Enterprise Ireland for the H2020 Co-ordinator Proposal Preparation Support Scheme. The scheme facilitates preparation and submission of competitive proposals to the European Research Council Starting Grant. Dr Farrell is building on his current Earth Observation research funded by Geological Survey Ireland. The title of his project is ‘The Coastal Data Cube: frontier research to transition to climate resilience’. High resolution EO (satellite) and Unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) mapping are both ground breaking but we are only just beginning to establish how these technologies can supplement and/or replace conventional ground-based and aerial survey techniques. To date, there has been very limited effort to fuse all these approaches to combine the strengths and negate the limitations inherent to each. The Coastal Data Cube is designed to generate validated OBTE boundary conditions (Oceanography, Bathymetry, Topography, Ecology) at temporal and spatial scales not previously possible.

Dr Eugene Farrell, Discipline of Geography

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