Innovative coastal monitoring using low-cost, time lapse photography

Nov 19 2020 Posted: 08:36 GMT

Eugene Farrell is part of an NUIG team that received €29,909 funding from Geological Survey Ireland (Short Call 2020 programme) for a 14 month project titled “Linking ocean model predictions with coastal impacts using a low cost, time-lapse camera shoreline monitoring system”. Eugene and the team(Dr Stephen Nash, Civil Engineering; Ms Sheena Parsons EOS)  that will test a low-cost shoreline monitoring system using fixed, time-lapse cameras in Brandon Bay, Co. Kerry. Images will be captured at high frequency (every 10 mins) and analysed to determine wave run-up and shoreline elevation changes. The results will be used to validate a coupled tide-wave-morphological modelling system that is under development in a separate project.

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