Making the Case for ‘Corridors of Consumption’

Mar 16 2021 Posted: 08:40 GMT

Congratulations to Dr Mary Jo Lavelle and Prof Frances Fahy on their recent publication in the international journal, Sustainability, Science and Policy. The paper aims to address the dearth of discussion around the concept of maximum levels of consumption. The article proffers that the concept of ‘consumption corridors’ provides a timely lens to initiate discussion and critically consider the potential of ascertaining maximum levels of consumption across Ireland. Consumption corridors demarcate the space for sustainable consumption by defining minimum and maximum consumption standards that permit individuals to satisfy their needs and to live a life they value without impairing the possibility of a good life for other people. 
The article is open access: Lavelle, M.J. and Fahy, F. (2021) Creating Context for Corridors of Consumption: A case study from Ireland Sustainability, Science and Policy Vol. 17 (1) 62-76 

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