National 'Smart Villages and Rural Towns' Seminar organised by the NRN team at NUIG

Jul 26 2019 Posted: 12:50 IST
The National Rural Network (NRN) team at NUI Galway, Dr Maura Farrell and Dr Shane Conway, recently organised a national seminar on the EU Action for Smart Villages Initiative in Ireland, entitled ‘Smart Villages and Rural Towns in Ireland: Revitalising Rural Areas through Community-Led Innovation’ on behalf of the NRN and the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD). This event took place in the Sheraton Hotel, Athlone, on July 4th, 2019. This seminar was structured to build a greater knowledge base around the EU Action for Smart Villages initiative, and demonstrate how it can be planned, implemented and realized in an Irish context, particularly in the context of the design of the LEADER Programme post 2020. Dr Farrell also presented at this event on the topic of 'Rural Ireland: Embracing a ‘Smart’ Concept', while Dr Conway chaired proceedings. [READ]

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