New peatland report by NUI Geography and Insight Data Centre is published

Dec 15 2021 Posted: 12:38 GMT

A new white paper on Carbon Credits and Ecosystem Services has been jointly launched by the EU Carbon-Connects & Care-Peat projects. The analysis found that with the right framework in place it should be possible to finance the restoration of damaged peatlands, implement sustainable/alternative practices on peat soils, significantly reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and provide a good living for farmers all at the same time.

The report includes an analysis of a number of existing Peatland Carbon Credit schemes and accreditation standards and explores the potential of using Carbon Credits and other Ecosystem services to fund Peatland Restoration across Europe on a very large scale. The report also compares incomes from various types of farming common on peatlands across Europe with potential incomes from the sale of Carbon Credits and Ecosystem Services such as water storage and water purification.

Discipline of Geography

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