New publication 'A Geography of Marine Plastics' in Irish Geography

Jul 02 2020 Posted: 09:16 IST

Jeffrey Black, Dakota Holmes (both 2017-18 MSc graduates) and Dr Liam Carr have published their research, 'A Geography of Marine Plastics' in Irish Geography. The paper reviews the geography of marine plastics research, and the pervasive and persistent effects of plastic on the marine system to aid the discussions of comprehensive mitigation measures. The discussion points raised in this paper highlight the need for a global systems perspective that considers geography, environmental impacts, and sources in order to develop effective mitigation responses to marine litter

Dakota is currently a Hardiman Phd Scholar under the advisement of Audrey Morley, while Jeffrey is beginning his doctoral studies at Colorado State University with Dr Rebecca Gruby, focusing on marine conservation and governance in the global tropics.

Discipline of Geography

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