New Publication: Demanding Energy, Space, Time and Change

Feb 12 2018 Posted: 10:02 GMT
Dr Mary Greene has published a new chapter on the dynamics of energy demand over the lifecourse in the exciting new book ‘Demanding Energy:  Space, Time and Change’ (edited by Dr. Alison Hui, Dr. Roise Day and Prof. Gordon Walker’). As outlined on the books website Demanding Energy: Space, Time and Change" critically engages with an important but rarely-asked question: what is energy for? This starting point foregrounds the diverse social processes implicated in the making of energy demand and how these change over time to shape the past patterns, present dynamics and future trajectories of energy use.” Dr Greene's chapter in the book explores the value of a biographical scale of analysis for revealing insights into complex experiences and processes of change. In treating individuals’ energy practice as dynamically evolving through the lifecourse within the context of a changing socio-technical landscape, she discusses innovative approaches for improving understanding of the ways in which lives, practices and contexts intersect in energy systems change.