New research to focus on sustainable consumption during Covid19

Mar 31 2020 Posted: 13:55 IST

Frances Fahy’s research focuses on sustainable consumption and along with 7 of her international colleagues (in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico, Hong Kong and the USA) she has established a new research project - Consumption and wellbeing in the time of Covid:

We are living in interesting times. The Coronavirus is changing the way we interact, teach, study, work and consume. In response to this, Frances is working with 1st and 3rd year BASS students, inviting them to reflect on changes that are taking place in their everyday lives. In this process they are bringing together students from around the globe who may be living similar experiences. They hope that through this experience they can learn together how our consumption is changing, how our views of the world are changing, and what this means in relation to our wellbeing. 

For more information or to join the study please email

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