Rebecca Windemer to visit Discipline of Geography NUI Galway

Jul 27 2018 Posted: 10:11 IST
Rebecca Windemer, PhD researcher at the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University, has been awarded Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Overseas Institutional Visit funding to spend time as a visiting researcher in Geography at NUI Galway from November to December 2018. Rebecca’s research is exploring end-of-life decision making (repowering, life extension and decommissioning) for onshore wind and solar farms. Her research aims to understand how the temporary nature of planning consents and the duration of the impacts of the infrastructure influences decision making. During her visit Rebecca will be working alongside Dr Frances Fahy and the ENERGISE team to discuss her research findings and explore the planning policy, temporality and end-of-life options for windfarms in Ireland. 

Dr Frances Fahy, Discipline of Geography

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