Research from the Discipline of Geography featured on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln website

May 20 2020 Posted: 14:52 IST

Research carried out on the human side of farm succession and retirement in later life by Dr Shane Conway, Researcher in the Discipline of Geography's Rural Studies Research Cluster at NUI Galway has recently been featured in the Agricultural Economics section of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln website in the U.S.A. Please see:

This research gives voice to the older farmer's position in the Generational Renewal narrative.

As demographic trends in many parts of the U.S.A., Europe and beyond reveal an inversion of the age pyramid with those aged 65 years and over constituting the fastest growing sector of the farming workforce, the recommendations set forth in this research from NUI Galway are equally as applicable and relevant in the U.S.A. as they are in an Irish context

Discipline of Geography

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