Rural Futures: Youth Meet-up

Oct 19 2022 Posted: 08:34 IST

Are you a young person interested in the future that exists for you in a rural area? Then join us for an afternoon of tea and chat exploring different visions for a sustainable rural future. 

Date and time: Thursday 22 September 2022, 3-5pm
Location: THB-G011 Seminar Room, Hardiman Research Building, University of Galway

This event is targeted at young adults aged approximately 18 to 30. Registration is required – register [here] to save your place.  As part of the RURALIZATION project the Rural Studies Research Cluster explored the visions held by youth for their ideal or ‘dream’ future in a rural area in 2035. During this meet-up we will discuss what the research found and debate the wider challenges to realising these future visions.  You can also find out more [here]

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