Rural Voices Seminar Series Session 3 Recording

Apr 04 2022 Posted: 08:30 IST
You can now watch the 3rd session of NUI Galway's new Rural Voices Seminar Series on the Rural Studies Centre YouTube Channel. Please see:
This session, entitled 'Exploring social enterprises as rural development actors – potential and limits of their engagement with their places', featured Dr Lucas Olmedo from the Department of Food Business and Development, Cork University Business School, University College Cork and Dr Mara van Twuijver from the Utrecht School of Economics, Utrecht University, Netherlands, who highlighted the potential of rural social enterprises as contributors to rural development through their research analysing the engagement of such enterprises within their local contexts and reflecting on the benefits and limitations of rural social enterprises as partners when contributing to sustainable rural development.
Registration details for the next session, taking place on the 27th of April from 3-4pm, will be released soon.

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