Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis Shortlisted for GSI Book of the Year Award

May 03 2016 Posted: 11:53 IST

Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis, co-edited by Gerry Kearns, David Meredith and John Morrissey, and published by the Royal Irish Academy, has been shortlisted for the GSI Book of the Year Award.

Book reviews of Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis:

"To counteract global capitalism’s tendency to run roughshod over the planet - uprooting communities and destroying environments - it is vital that we construct an embedded understanding of place as well as a concept of justice that defends the earth as our only home. This book and the idea of ‘spatial justice’ is a triumphant step toward that goal" - Dr David Nally, University of Cambridge

"Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis is more of a complete project than just a book, with excellent essays from noted scholars in Irish Geography and Irish Studies. It includes an essay by Danny Dorling, one of the best known geographers of his generation, and the triumph of the interview with David Harvey, the best known urban and geographical scholar of the generation" - Prof. Stephen Royle, Queen's University Belfast

"This book bravely provokes debates on the questions and issues it is addressing concerning the Irish financial crisis. It is an admirable attempt to speak truth to power in regards to the Republic’s need to focus on social and environmental justice, health care, education and the marginalized" - Dr Charles Travis, Trinity College Dublin

For details on the book, please see the RIA website here