Visiting researcher Dr Russell Prince

Aug 16 2019 Posted: 13:56 IST
Visiting researcher Dr Russell Prince from Massey University in New Zealand is enjoying his time working in Geography at NUI Galway and explains the purpose of his research stay:    ‘I'm a political and economic geographer with particular interests in policy mobility, which refers to the movement of policy from one place to another, and the geographies of market and economy-making. My current research is trying to combine these trajectories with a historical study of New Zealand's adoption of statistical methods in the middle decades of the twentieth century and the related invention of the New Zealand economy as an idea in itself. While I'm visiting here at Galway I'm spending my time taking advantage of the broadband to trawl through the many historical documents from the period that the New Zealand national library has made available through their digitisation project.’

Discipline of Geography

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