Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

Each academic year, the School organises an evening course in Chinese Language and Culture running over 20 weeks.  The course is an introduction to Chinese language and culture for beginners. It consists of Chinese culture knowledge, basics of Chinese pronunciation rules, Chinese character writing principles, and practical everyday phases.  It establishes a foundation for further study or self- study to reach HSK 2 (Chinese proficiency test level 2).

This course will not be running in the academic year 2022/23.


Celebrating the Year of the Dog 2018 in Chinese Calligraphy   



Course Outline

Since commencing in 2007, the course has attracted people from all walks of life in Galway and nearby counties, including people with an interest in Chinese language and culture or a plan to travel or do business in China, people with an interest in learning a different language, school teachers, transition year students and university students.  

The course contains two parts, the cultural element and the language element.  It covers not only the Chinese language basics but also a brief introduction to the history of China, Chinese philosophies and its impact on the ideology of Chinese people compared to the West, Chinese painting and calligraphy, customs and traditions, protocol and business etiquette, food and wine, festivals, city profiles and other interesting Chinese features.   Participants will be introduced to tips on “dos and don’ts” while in China which are vital for personal or business success.

On completion of this programme participants will be able to engage in simple conversations such as greeting, introducing yourself, casual chatting on hobbies, dining in a restaurant, shopping, talking about time and schedule, celebrating birthday and festivals. They will also be familiar with etiquettes when attending a business meeting, social event or visiting a Chinese home and their conversations with other people, especially the Chinese people, will be enriched by the knowledge of Chinese culture.  It builds up a foundation for self-study in the future.  A certificate will be awarded to people who successfully complete the course.

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2018

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