We have a lot of experience in working with a wide range of industry partners to meet their training and upskilling needs. One example is the level 7 Diploma in Operations Engineering which was designed and delivered to meet the specific needs of a multi-national medical device manufacturer.

If you have a specific training need or want to upskill members of your workforce, contact us to see what we already have available that may be suitable. Likewise, we can explore the possibilities for creating training and learning opportunities focused on the specific context of your workplace.


We are happy to collaborate with your organisation to seek the optimum Continuing Professional Development (CPD) pathways for your staff.

Collaborative discussions will work to align CPD courses with your business goals by:

  • Identifying  learning goals that match your business requirements
  • Mapping course content to successful achievement of identified learning goals
  • Connecting learning outcomes to learning goals
  • Tailoring course content to specific target groups
  • Planning delivery timelines that fit your business schedules
  • Assigning indicators for successful learning and outcomes

Further Information

If you would like to discuss your CPD requirements with us, please e-mail cpd@universityofgalway.ie, and we will respond promptly.

We ask that you list three learning objectives your staff need from our training; this will help us tailor our response to your needs.


Please contact us if you have any further queries.