Jan 20 2022 Posted: 08:00 GMT

Are you a Junior Cycle teacher interested in new cross-curricular resources for your students? CÚRAM’s @JCTsteAm would be perfect for you! Learn how we can explore marine organisms with unique molecules to heal the body.

On Tuesday 8th March from 7pm-8.15pm join facilitators from CÚRAM for ‘The Superpowers of Slime’ an interactive workshop where teachers will learn about the remarkable capabilities of some marine organisms which have evolved to produce unique and diverse compounds, including slime.

Ever wonder what scientists are doing in the laboratory all day? Well, some of them are making slime! This workshop will explore how CÚRAM scientists make slime and the different ways they test slime for medical applications. Slime and the chemicals scientists use to make slime are produced by a variety of organisms. In particular, due to living in extreme conditions, marine organisms have evolved unique, diverse compounds with useful chemical and structural properties that scientists are researching to heal the body. Workshop participants will learn how it is vital to conserve the biodiversity of our oceans so we do not lose potential medical cures. Participants will also have the chance to custom-design their own slime for classroom use.

Dr. Sarah Gundy, head of the Teacher is Residence Programme at CÚRAM says: “Keeping our oceans healthy helps us discover new ways of developing medical device technology, which, in turn, keeps us healthy. Educating our students to protect the biodiversity of our oceans will help us preserve potential ways to help fight diseases.”

Click here to register- https://jct-ie.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEoduiqrj8qEtKbJGJZR7B1D44PD4PwH9-e

In the meantime, explore the topic by watching Marine Medicine: What the Ocean Can Do for Your Health!, a short film made by SFI with CÚRAM for Science Week 2021. Watch it here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7J5nOvUYO4

STE(A)M in Junior Cycle online events emerge from a partnership between JCT and 11 education outreach partners who are experts in their ­eld. Our vision is to provide professional learning for Junior Cycle teachers, across a broad range of subjects, that will support an appreciation of interdisciplinary responses to societal challenges. This CPD will have both subject-speci­c and cross-curricular relevance and supports teachers in connecting classroom learning to real world contexts.

“Learners will be enabled to use and analyse information in new and creative ways,
to investigate issues, to explore, to think for themselves, to be creative in solving
problems and to apply their learning to new challenges and situations.” Framework for Junior Cycle (2015)

Find out more- https://jct.ie/perch/resources/steam/steam-in-junior-cycle-2022-poster-pdf.pdf



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