Training and resources


In Person/Live Online

In person staff training in GDPR is advertised through the HR Learning and Development webpages and An Dialann. This is run once per semester with one focusing on Data Protection and the second focusing on Data Protection in Research.

Upcoming Training events – Live Online



Staff can sign up through the following link via CoreHR:

If you wish to sign up but are not registered via CoreHR, please email


Self Paced Online

Our Online training available for staff and students will shortly be available on Canvas.


Please note if you are involved in Health Research then it is a legal requirement that you must have completed GDPR training.

Other Relevant Training

We strongly advise you to also take IT Security Awareness training.


If you are working remotely, please take our online GDPR training and consult with the working remotely advice available in the staff and student resources section of this Data Protection website


See University of Galway Policies and Procedures Page: Policies and Procedures

Ireland Data Protection Commissioner website:

EU Guidance:

HRDPN Data Protection Guide Document for Health Researchers is a practical guide on Data Protection for all involved in health research.

Health Research:

Please view this YouTube link for update on Health Research by the Health Research Board: