Ease into Assignments Study Supports & Exams (EASE) 2022-23

EASE is our 2-week programme designed to prepare you for your upcoming exams. Please note that events may be held in-person or online. 

The Semester 1 examination session will run from December 5th to December 16th, 2022. You can find a link to your exam timetable here. Check the Amendments webpage regularly as examination dates/times may change up to the day of your exam.

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Week 1: 21 – 25 November: Get Focused

Essay Writing Online Tutorials     

The Academic Writing Centre (AWC) provides virtual one-on-one tutorials on essay writing to all students. Sessions take place weekly via Zoom from 5—7pm, Mon to Thurs. 

Click here for meeting links and to learn how the AWC can help you.

Exams Office Webinar

When: 12pm, Thurs 24 November
Where: Online 

Join the exams office and learn everything you'll need to know about exam timetables, late arrivals, regulations, sitting your exams and more. 

Click here to join the webinar.

Essay Writing or How to Say What you Think in an Academic Style 

Where: Library Training Room PC Suite 
11—12pm, Wed 23 Nov

Join the Academic Writing Centre (AWC) and learn how to engage in critical discussion when writing essays.

Click here to sign up.

Referencing and Plagiarism

Facilitator: Kris Meen, Assistant Librarian, Academic Skills

When: 11am, 22 Nov | 3pm, 23 Nov
Where: Online | Library Nursing PC Suite

This session will include information on why avoiding plagarism is important, how to cite and reference sources (including in exams), how to paraphrase without plagiarising, tools to help cite faster and more accurately, and information on contract cheating.

22 Nov sign up here
23 Nov sign up here

An Introduction to Endnote for Citing & Referencing

When: 10am, Tues 22 Nov | 2pm, Wed 23 Nov
Where: Online | Library Training Room PC Suite

By the end of this session, you will know how to:

  • Download Endnote and the CWYW plug in for MS Word
  • Export records from the library catalogue and databases
  • Create records from scratch in Endnote
  • Cite and reference in MS Word using the CWYW plug in

22 Nov sign up here
23 Nov sign up here

Smart Searching for your Assignment

When: 10am, Tues 22 Nov |11am, Wed 23 Nov | 10am, Thurs 24 Nov
Where: Online | Library Nursing PC Suite | Library Training Room PC Suite

Not sure where to find the right information to be successful with your assignment? Check out this quick library skills session, where you'll find out;

  • how to find a book and a journal article on the library website / catalogue
  • finding scholarly sources
  • using key words in the library catalogue and in a database

22 Nov sign up here
23 Nov sign up here
24 Nov sign up here

Handy Tips

Check out more Handy Tips and useful exam info on our Exam Sway here.

Create a study timetable and build in meal/ snack times between sessions -The brain uses 20% of the body’s energy levels. Maintaining glucose levels in between study sessions will increase concentration levels. Eating regularly throughout the day will keep glucose levels up.

Early Morning Exams - Do not skip breakfast. If you are unable to eat – try a smoothie instead. Make sure your breakfast contains protein sources such as eggs, nuts, seeds and live yoghurt. Protein will keep energy levels sustained and keep you feeling fuller. Lack of energy can result in inability to recall, focus and remember key facts, dates, etc. during the exam.

Afternoon Exams - Eat a lunch that has a balance of protein and carbohydrates. Examples include chicken and pasta, tuna wrap, vegetable soup with a wholemeal scone. Eating a carb and protein together slowly releases energy over a long period of time. This allows you to get through a long exam and still feel fresh.

If you would like to learn more about eating healthily, visit here.  Recipe suggestions can be found here.

Additional Resources: 

Mindfulway - Friday mornings at 8am

Pilates for beginners

Yoga for beginners

Sleep Workshop

Getting Organised

Eating Well

Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a Master Procrastinator / TED

Week 2: 28 November - 2 December: Get Exam Ready

Building Resilience for Exam Stress 

When: 3pm, Mon 28 & repeated on Wed 30 Nov 
Where: Common Room, back of The Chapel of St. Columbanus

Facilitator: Jimmy McGovern, Support Worker | Seas Suas Manager, Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care

This 1-hour workshop aims to help you achieve exam success, by exploring topics such as: 

  • Tips for resilience 
  • Scheduling 
  • Stress management  

  • Support services 

No sign up required, just drop in!

Improve Concentration and manage Procrastination

When: 1pm, Thurs 1 Dec
Where: The Moore Institute Seminar Room (THB-G010), The Hardiman Building

Facilitators: Kate Brooks and Jessica Duggan, Senior Occupational Therapists

This session will be an interactive and practical workshop to help you understand reasons for procrastination and strategies to overcome procrastination.  

The session will also explore the impact of attention and concentration on our focus and strategies to optimise focus for study and exams.

No sign up required, just drop in!

Smart Searching for your Assignment

When: 3pm, Mon 28 Nov
Where: Online
Not sure where to find the right information to be successful with your assignment? Check out this quick library skills session, where you'll find out;
  •  how to find a book and a journal article on the library website / catalogue
  •  finding scholarly sources
  •  using key words in the library catalogue and in a database
 Click here to sign up.

Take a break with Student Services 

Join us for FREE tea, coffees, a sugar hit and meet staff who can help with exam questions.

Where and When: 

  • 1pm–3pm, Mon 28 November, Career Development Centre, Arts Science Building.
  • 11am – 1pm, Tues 29  November, Accommodation Advisory Service (first floor Aras Ui Cathail). 
  • 10.30am – 12.30pm, Thurs 1 DecemberStudent Enquiry Centre, Concourse, Arts Science Building.

SU Thriftmas Market + Pet Farm 

When: 11–3pm, Thurs 1 Dec
Where: Áras na Mac Léinn

  • Wooly Pet Farm
  • Student Business Stalls with Ideas Lab
  • Galway Simon Community Second Hand Clothes Pop Up
  • DJ Soc

Handy Tips

Check out more Handy Tips and useful exam info on our Exam Sway here.

6 Tips for Better Sleep

  1. Routine - Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day is so important for your circadian rhythm
  2. Temperature - It is easier to sleep in a cold/ colder room preferably around18 degrees
  3. Darkness - Avoid bright lights and phone screens as these will awaken thebrain
  4. Walk it out - If you can't sleep after 25 minutes get up and walk around
  5. Caffeine/ Alcohol - Avoid these in the evening
  6. Wind down routine - 30 minutes before bed start your nighttime routine. An example would be to read a book or journal.

Additional Resources: 

Mindfulway - Tuesday and Friday morning at 8am

Addressing procrastination

Chair Yoga for beginners

Strength and Conditioning

Online Resources and Guides

Citing & Referencing - Research skills for students - NUI Galway 

Referencing and Citing with Endnote

How to edit and format your MS word document essay or report

Study Spaces on Campus

Dunican Theatre except for the following times:

(Located on the ground floor of the Arts/Science Building)

  • 1–2pm, Wed 30 November
  • 1–2pm & 3–4pm, Mon 28 November
  • 1–2pm & 3–4pm, Mon 5 December
  • ALL DAY, Tues 6 December
  • ALL DAY, Wed 7 December
  • 3–4pm, Thurs 8 December
  • 10am–1pm, Mon 12 December
  • 10am–1pm, Wed 14 December
  • 11am–2pm, Thurs 15 December

Career Seminar Room except for the following times:

 (Located on the 1st floor in the Arts/Science Building)

  • 10–11am, Tuesday 29 November
  • 10–11am, Tuesday 6 December
  • 10–11am, Tuesday 13 December 

AMB-1005 Study Room, Arts Millennium:

(Located on first floor)

 Available everyday.

James Hardiman Library

View Library and Reading Room opening hours here.