What is the Research Group Requisitioner Role?

Large research Centres or institutes like INSIGHT and NCBES may have one or more staff members that are dedicated requisitioners for web purchasing. The Research Group Web Requisitioner Role is used to grant these staff members requisitioner access to ALL of a Research Centre/Institutes’ Cost Centers.

Adding/Removing Cost Centers to/from the Research Group Web Requisitioner Role

Cost Centers can be added to/removed from the Research Group Requisitioner Role.  Research Accounts Office staff or the Budget Holder (Principal Investigator) should contact the Service Desk providing the Cost Centre Code and indicate which research group the budget should be added to or removed from.

Staff Granted Access to the Research Group Approver Role

Access for staff members to the role can only be authorised by the Research Group Director who should contact the Service Desk.  Please note that email authorisation from the Research Group Director is required.