I cannot locate my claim or view claims saved as "draft"?

Usually if somebody cannot locate an expense claim it has been saved as "draft".  Click the following link for How to search for a draft expense claim

How to amend an Expense Claim with a Future Date?

Claimants cannot claim for items where the expense has not yet incurred and Agresso has a check in place for this. 
If you enter one or more expense claim items with a future date the expense claim will not go for approval. 
Instead you will get a workflow task titled Future Date Check Amend task in your Agresso task list (Your tasks).

  •  Log in to Agresso and navigate to the Agresso task section (it will have the number of tasks listed) on the top right of screen.
  • Check for any expenses with a task titled Future Date Check Amend as shown below

  • Click the task to load the claim up on screen.
  • Correct any line items that have a future date, by entering a date in the past when they were incurred.

As a claimant, what notifications will I get regarding travel and subsistence claims?

Claimants with a valid NUI Galway e-mail address receive an email notification when their claim has been approved by the final approver.

Claimants receive an e-mail, with remittance advice attached in a PDF file, advising them when the claim has been paid.

How long will it take for my claim to be paid?

A payment run takes place twice a month.  Claims that are in budget and approved will be included in the next pay run provided all relevant receipts are attached, policies and procedures are followed and it has been approved by all requisite approvers online. Payment should reach you within three working days after the payment run.

How will I receive my payment?

Claims will be paid into the same bank account into which your NUI Galway salary/wages are paid.

Does the University's insurance cover me when using my own vehicle on University business?

No. As stated in QA303 of the University Travel & Subsistence policy, “Claimants are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate business insurance in place which indemnifies the University against all claims arising, while using private transport, on University business. By signing the University’s formal travel claim form and/or claiming reimbursement via the University’s computer system, claimants confirm that they have adequate insurance in place. The University cannot accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of privately-owned transport on University business”. 

Can advances be claimed using travel and subsistence online?

Whilst advances are permissable under policy, they cannot be claimed using the online service and should instead be claimed by submission of an authorised email to The Payroll & Expenses Office at expenses@nuigalway.ie with full details of the trip.