BA (Joint-Honours)


Members of the Centre Global Women’s Studies contribute to two core modules in the delivery of the BA Joint Honours subject Political & Sociological Studies, which introduce students to gender issues and analysis of social policy and development issues.

Year 1: to follow

Year 2: Social Issues and Policy Responses (SP 235).  Global Women's Studies topics covered in this module include, for example: Domestic violence in Ireland, Human rights based responses to gender based violence; Abortion policies and debates in global perspective; and Gender perspectives on refugees and asylum experiences and policy responses.

Year 3: Development and change (SP404). This module is a critical introduction to “development studies.” It focuses on the meanings of “development”, and the debates surrounding the definition and measurement of “progress” “good change”. The course compares the different priorities expressed in mainstream economistic and alternative approaches, including feminist and gender-based.

Additionally, Year 3 option modules generally include one or more Global Women’s Studies options (e.g., Human Rights and Gender or Women, Men and the Economy).  For information on current course offerings, please refer to the Third Year pages at School of Sociology and Political Science.

For full details of all undergraduate course offerings for the BA in Political and Sociological Studies, please visit the School’s BA (Joint-Honours) overview pages.