European Women's Studies


European Women’s Studies is an ideal course for Visiting and Erasmus students. The module offers new interpretations of contexts and narratives and it encourages students to critically examine questions that matter in a changing and complex world. It is not necessary to have a background in gender or women’s studies. Students will have the advantage of working with scholars who are contributing to the field through research and publishing in European gender associations and networks.

 Photo of a woman studying on grassModule Aims
The purpose of the module is to critically examine established and emerging themes relating to women’s studies in a European framework. It aims to strengthen competences and skills in critical thinking, communication and gender perspectives and to share information about European research resources. The core aim is to consider how gender has influenced visibility and participation in European life and spheres of influence.

Teaching and Learning
The course is delivered through a combination of lecture, class discussion, film and visual materials, tasks and debate. Students are encouraged to participate through discussion and questions. There is scope to introduce topics of interest under the broad themes of citizenship, work, war, equality, life-stories and representations. Each lecture attempts to show both historical and contemporary dimensions, thus offering a coherent picture and helping students to identify continuities, challenges and achievements. Assessment will draw upon class topics, readings and resources. The class takes place each Tuesday, 2 – 4 p.m. Course details will be issued during the first weeks of class.

 2 womenCourse Outline

The Course outline is avialable for download for 2022/2023 Course Outline

Core Texts
Course readings will be made available via e-resources, Blackboard and in class. Students will not have to purchase materials.

Course Projects

This section contains information and links relating to class projects.

Student Projects (2023)

Mnágazine Issue 4 - March 2023

Student Projects (2022)

Mnágazine Issue 3 - March 2022

‌Student Projects (2021)

To celebrate International Women's Day, students from the 2021 class of European Women’s Studies presented the first issue of Mnágazine - The Women's Voices Magazine! Carried out under the tutelage of coordinator Mary Clancy.

Mnágazine Issue 1 - March 2021

Mnágazine Issue 2 - April 2021

Student Projects (2019)‌‌‌

In Semester 2, 2018-’19, students worked through radio, life-story research, spoken word and art to interpret, remember and represent historical and contemporary ways of being a working citizen.

1.       Radio pieces, in association with Flirt FM, about 1) inspiring citizenship for women 2) speaking Bread and Roses 3) speaking life-stories. You can access recordings here.

2.       Emigrant Life-Stories: the collection draws upon student memories and questions.

3.       Poster, Different Countries, Same Cause, speaks to international narratives of effort, using colour, words, recipes, life-story fragments, and borders of protest song. On view in Women’s Studies Display Cabinet on the Concourse.

Student Projects  (2018)


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