Policies and Procedures form an essential part of an organisation's tools to ensure the smooth operation of its day to day business. They establish the parameters for decision-making and action while ensuring fairness and consistency throughout the organisation.

The policies and procedures, which are listed here in the Human Resources website, are the most up to date versions, which are being used within the University.

All Policies and Procedures are written in respect of full time employees. They should be applied on a pro-rata basis for staff who work less than full time hours i.e. part time, where applicable. 

They are revised on an ongoing basis in order to comply with changes in Collective Agreements or legislation. 

If you have any comments on any of the Policies or Procedures please email them to hr@universityofgalway.ie or contact your local Human Resources Business Partner.

If you are unable to locate the policy or procedure you are looking for please email hr@universityofgalway.ie or if you require cóip as gaeilge email hr@universityofgalway.ie 

QA101 Annual Leave Policy


QA101 B Covid-19 Annual Leave Policy


QA102 Parental Leave Scheme


QA103 Career Break Scheme


QA104 Part-Time Working Scheme


QA105 Sick Leave Policy


QA105 Saoire Bhreoiteachta


QA105B Saoire Bhreoiteachta – COVID-19QA105B Saoire Bhreoiteachta – COVID-19QA105B Saoire Bhreoiteachta – COVID-19QA105B Saoire Bhreoiteachta – COVID-19


QA106 Employment of Hourly Paid Teaching Staff


QA107 Employment of Part-Time Teaching Assistants


QA110 Probation for Support Staff


QA110 Tréimhse phromhaidh do Chomhaltaí Foirne Tacaíochta


QA111 Carer's Leave Scheme


QA112 Disciplinary Procedure


QA113 Grievance Procedure


QA114 Intoxicants Policy


QA115 Staff Anti-Bullying Policy


QA115 Frithbhulaíochta na Foirne


QA117 Adoptive Leave Policy


QA118 Maternity Leave Policy


QA119 Flexible Working Hours (FWH) Scheme (Administrative Staff)


QA120 Meetings During Core Hours Policy


QA125 Academic Disciplinary Procedure


QA126 Automatic Progressions Between Grades Administration & Technical Staff


QA127 Child Safeguarding Statement


QA128- Staff Bereavement Policy


QA129 Entry Requirements and Progression for Technical Staff


QA130 FEP Scheme Policy


QA132 Staff Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy


QA132 Ciapadh agus Gnéaschiapadh


QA133 Job Share Scheme for Academic Staff


QA135 - Engagement of Graduate Teaching Assistants


QA136 Progression for Technical Staff


‌QA137 Redeployment Agreement, Administration Staff- University of Galway (Under review)


‌QA138 Redeployment and Fixed Term Contracts (Under review)


QA139 Redundancy Procedure


QA140 Retirement Policy


QA141 Shorter Working Year Scheme


QA142 Study Leave Policy


QA143 Work Placement Agreement 


QA144 Work Placement Guidelines


QA145 Parent's Leave Policy (Not to be confused with Parental Leave Policy)


QA146 Recruitment and Selection Policy


QA147 Domestic Violence Leave Policy 


‌‌QA148 Job Sizing Policy


QA 148 Polasaí Toisithe Poist


QA159 Paternity Leave Scheme


‌‌QA180 Polasaí Hibridoibre‌‌‌


QA180 Hybrid Working Policy


QA415 Code of Conduct for Staff


QA415 - Cód Iompair d’FhostaitheQA415 - Cód Iompair d’FhostaitheQA415 - Cód Iompair d’FhostaitheQA415 - Cód Iompair d’FhostaitheQA415 - Cód Iompair d’Fhostaithe‌‌



  • Annual Leave Policy

    Annual Leave Policy DOC (62 KB)

  • Staff Anti-Bullying Policy

    Staff Anti-Bullying Policy PDF (756 KB)

  • Staff Handbook

    Staff Handbook PDF (14.2 MB)