The Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion COAST Action – ROSEnet – Chaired by ICSG’s and ILAS’s Kieran Walsh, hosted its first International Policy Event in OSLO on March 8th. Drawing over 70 delegates from across European and international contexts, this event focused on exclusion from social relationships and the sort of health and well-being outcomes that can arise from exclusionary process in this domain in later life. Contributors included Prof. Jenny Gierveld, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, Paul Cann, UK Campaign to End Loneliness, Maciej Kucharczyk, AGE Platform Europe, Tamara Bouwman, VU University Amsterdam, and Nicole Valtorta, Newcastle University.  Speakers engaged with key public and social policy issues in relation to exclusion from social relations including loneliness and isolation, social networks deficiencies and health outcomes, and public policy advocacy challenges for impacts on exclusion from social relations. ROSEnet involves over 120 researchers and policy stakeholders from 37 different countries, and aims to address the fragmentation in research and policy to reduce old-age exclusion in Europe.