Before your online exam

Verify your Module Registration

It is vitally important you can see the modules for which you are registered when you log in to Blackboard. If you do not see modules that you expect in Blackboard, refer to the Frequently Asked Question online for instructions - If a student is not registered or they are missing a curriculum: the student must contact their College Office.

Check your Computer

Online exams are normally timed which means you can’t afford any interruptions to battery/power, Internet connection, or basic functionality.

Details of remote access to IT services for students is available from the ISS website.

  1. Be sure you know how to use the computer that you will use for your online exam. 
  2. It sounds obvious but if e.g. you’ve borrowed a laptop from a family member, take some time to get used to the computer, in advance, to avoid any unnecessary surprises on exam day.
  3. Check that you can access Blackboard and can view your module(s) in Blackboard.
    Ensure that your browser will work well with Blackboard
  4. Test any link or software that your lecturer/module co-ordinator has advised that you’ll need for the exam. Make sure that your desk/workspace is close to a plug socket and charge up the battery fully in advance.
  5. Review more detailed IT tips available to prepare for online exams

Anticipate Technical Problems

No matter how well-prepared you are, things can sometimes go wrong.
Ensure that you have a method of contacting your lecturer/module co-ordinator (usually via email) in the event of technical issues on exam day. Check Blackboard or email communication from your lecturer for details of how to contact them on exam day.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE CAMPUS WIFI - For those Students who are taking an online exam on-campus in a Quiet Study Space. Please note that the Eduroam WiFi service on campus was updated in November 2020.  If you haven’t connected to the on-campus WiFi since then, you may need to update the Eduroam client on your device(s) before you can access the service.  Follow the instructions from the ISS WiFi webpage here. You can update the Eduroam client before you come onto campus, so we recommend you do that.


On Exam Day

Be On-Time for Your Exam

Know what time your exam starts and be at your computer at least 15 minutes beforehand, ready to go. Refer to your online personal exam timetable.  If there is any change to the scheduled exam time or assessment format, your lecturer/module co-ordinator will notify all students in advance. 

Don’t Forget to Submit

Most online exams aren’t complete until you click the “Submit” button at the end. Once you’re ready to complete, find your way to the end and click that button. Don’t navigate away from the page until you’re sure that all of your hard work is submitted.

Technical Issues on the day

If an issue occurs outside your control, notify your lecturer/module co-ordinator of the situation as soon as you can, by sending an email with your student ID, details of the issue and if possible, include a screenshot of the error message.

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