Print Service

The print service allows users to print, copy and scan documents using the Multi-Function Printers (MFP) located around campus. Print jobs can be sent to a Multi-Function Printer (often referred to as a 'Print Queue', i.e. when you click File, Print and select your printer) via PC's (PC Suite), Email (through your NUI Galway e-mail account) or Wi-Fi (requires wireless package download).

Printing at NUI Galway MFP's is a two step process
  1. Your print job has to be sent to a printer via the following methods: PC's (PC Suite), Email (through your NUI Galway e-mail account) or Wi-Fi (requires wireless package download).
  2. Your print job then has to be released at a printer, by you, at which time the cost of printing will be taken from your Print Credit.
Who can use this service?
  • Students
  • Staff
  • The service can also be used by members of the public via the Library Walk-in service
Users must have:
  • A network attached PC or an NUIGWiFi enabled laptop
  • A valid Campus Account and sufficient print credit
  • For email printing, the user must submit the job while logged into their NUI, Galway e-mail account

For Library walk-in users, they must purchase a Walk-In card, available at the vending machine located near the library entrance. They can then use any of the MFPs in the college.

Setup instructions
  • In the General Access PC suites, all print queues are installed by default. Users can select which queue they wish to use: BW_Release - Black & White printing only, Colour_Release - colour printing. The print jobs are submitted to a release queue and you can visit any MFP to release and print your job, you will be charged once your job is released. If you are printing a colour job, ensure the printer you choose is a Colour_Release MFP. Your print job will be available up to 24 hours after the job was submitted.
  • In the Departmental PC suites, there may be printers available within the suite, you can use these to print your document by clicking File > Print and selecting the default printer (Departmental Printer). It is also possible to use the two MFP print queues mentioned above by choosing the one you wish to use. Please note print jobs sent to Departmental PC Suite printers do not need to be released and that once you confirm the Print Credit costs, your print job will print automatically.
Print Credit

Purchasing Print Credit Online

You can purchase print credit online at

  1. Click on 'Top-Up Your Own Credit'.
  2. Input your User ID and your Campus Account Password.
  3. Click on 'Online Top-up'.
  4. Fill in the amount you wish to credit to your account (€10.00 minimum) and you will be redirected to a secure payment page for you to enter your credit or debit card details.

The print credit will be immediately added into your account.

Purchasing Print Credit From Cash Kiosks

Credit can also be purchased from Print Kiosks located in: the Print Release Room 104, Chemistry, opposite the Arts and Science PC Suite in the Arts & Science Building, the front foyer in the Cairnes' Building, the Engineering Building and also in the James Hardiman Library.

  1. Scan your card or login manually using the touch screen monitor.
  2. Your balance will be displayed, insert the notes or coins to credit your account.
  3. Your balance will be updated on the screen and available to user immediately.

Checking Credit Balance

You can check your print credit balance online at