Office 365 Configuration for iOS


This procedure outlines how to configure your iPhone for use with NUIGs Office 365 platform.

This procedure was carried out using iOS 10.3.

Both iPhone and iPad users can use this procedure.


You must have an active wireless or mobile data connection turned on your device to attach to the mail server.

Step 1 - Click on Settings

iPhone Set Up1

Step 2 - Click on Mail

iPhone Set up2

Step 3 - Click Accounts

iPhone Set up3

Step 4 - Click Add Accounts

iPhone Set up 4

Step 5 - Click Exchange

iPhone Set up 5

Step 6  - Enter your details

iPhone Set up 6

  • Email = e.g -
  • Description = NUI Galway

Once entered, you will see the password prompt appear. Enter your NUI Galway CASS Password

iPhone Set up 7

Step 7 - Verifying your Details as per screenshot below

  • Server -
  • Username -
  • Password - Your Campus Account (CASS) Password

 iPhone Set up 8

Depending on your network speed/location, this may take up to a minute or so.

Once completed successfully, you will see the below screen.

‌‌iPhone Set Up 9

Step 8 - Choose the options which you wish to sync to your device

iPhone Set Up 10

Your device is connected

Choose the options which you wish to sync to your device

Click Save when done

Step 9 - Configuration Options

Make the appropriate configuration changes as suits your needs

Note - Fetch New Data MUST be left at PUSH in order to assure you get your latest emails/updates




Step 10 - More Configuration Options


Step 11 - Default Account

Ensure you tick the O365 account to be your default account


Step 12 - Mail Days to Sync

Choose how many emails you want to be displayed on your device at any one time


Step 13 - No Limit

All email in all folders will be displayed.

Note that having this option ticked (No Limit) will mean that it may take a while for email/Calendar/Contacts to fully sync to the device.

Additional Note

iPad users: If you do not have a SIM card installed in the iPad, you must have WiFi enabled to setup email

Note:  To synchronise your iPhone/iPad with your desktop you must download and install iTunes