IRIS Overview

IRIS (Institutional Research Information System); An easy to use web-based tool which enables researchers and academic staff to maintain an up-to-date scholarly profile and showcase their research expertise. The IRIS system is a high-level database using journal titles and metadata extracted from the ARAN repository system. All publications and forms of research output can be saved onto IRIS and hence bibliometric data from IRIS is the most complete representation of all Research Output for individuals, schools/units in NUI Galway.

Some features of the system include:

  • Enables researchers to allow data from the Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed APIs to automatically update publication information.  
  • Researcher information is automatically updated from internal University systems including HR and Student Registration.
  • Easy integration with the University’s institutional open access repository ARAN.
  • Feeds for automatic staff profiles for the NUI Galway website -
  • Multiple options for downloading information for your own use  
  • Allows measurement and analysis of research output activity to support strategic planning

Find out more about IRIS here  

Create your profile using the IRIS tool here.