Entry Requirements


Please check individual programme pages to see whether the entry requirements are a 2:2 or 2:1.



Minimum Grade Required/Degree 2:2 Equivalent

Very Good/2:1 Equivalent

Excellent/1st Equivalent

Foundation Programme Senior High School Learning Certificate  Average 70% N/A N/A
Undergraduate Programmes  Associate degree / Junior College Diploma 60-69%/Pass/2.0 70-79%/Average/3.0 80+/Highest/4.0
Postgraduate Programmes  4 year Bachelors Degree 70%/3.0 CGPA 80% CGPA 85% CGPA
3 year bachelors degree 75%/3.0 CGPA 85% CGPA 90% CGPA

Student Profiles

There are no student profiles of students from this country.

Agents in Taiwan

Hsinchu Office 

Intake Education Hsinchu 
7F-2, No.38,  
Beida Rd. 
East District,  
Hsinchu City 30044 
Tel: +886 3-531 6441  
Email: hsinchu@intake.education 
Website: https://intake.education/ 


Intake Education Kaohsiung 
15F A., No. 2,  
Zhongzheng 3rd Rd., 
Xinxing District,  
Kaohsiung City 800208 
Tel: +886 7-2360600 
Email: kaohsiung@intake.education 
Website: https://intake.education/ 


IDP Education - Kaohsiung Office 
10th Floor, No. 189,  
Bo'ai 1st Road,  
Kaohsiung City 
Tel: +886 7 311 2280 
Email: info.kaohsiung@idp.com 
Website: https://www.idp.com/taiwan/ 



Intake Education Keelung 
9F, No.61,  
Yi 1st Rd. 
Zhongzheng District,  
Keelung City 20241 
 Tel: +886 2-2424 1973 
Email: keelung@intake.education 
Website: https://intake.education/ 
Intake Education Taichung 
4F-9, No.378, Sec. 1,  
Wensin Rd. 
Nantun District,  
Taichung City 40862 
Phone: +886 4-2328-5946 
Email: taichung@intake.education 
IDP Education - Taichung 
3rd Floor, No. 375, Section 2,  
Taiwan Avenue,  
West District,  
Taichung City 
Tel: 886 4 2326 1722 
Email: info.taichung@idp.com 
Website: https://www.idp.com/taiwan/ 
Intake Education Taipei 
7F, No.169, Sec. 4,  
Zhongxiao E. Rd. 
Da'an District,  
Taipei City 10690 
Tel:+886 2-2778 2600 
Website: https://intake.education/ 
GLC International Education Group 
8F -1, No. 169, Section 4,  
Zhongxiao East Road,  
Daan District,  
Taipei City 
Tel: +886 2-2778-6185/ +886 975-856-796 
Email: info@glcstudy.com 
Website: https://www.loveglc.com/ 
IDP Education - Taipei 
6F, No. 289, Section 4,  
Zhongxiao East Road,  
Daan District,  
Taipei City 
Tel: 886 2 2773 8111 
Email: info.taipei@idp.com 
Website: https://www.idp.com/taiwan/ 

Taipei Banqiao

Intake Education Taipei Banqiao  
9F., No. 23, Sec. 1,  
Sichuan Rd. 
Banqiao District,  
New Taipei City 22063 
Tel: +886 2-2951 7330 
Email: banqiao@intake.education 
Website: https://intake.education/ 
Intake Education Tainan 
5F-1, No.88,  
Chung Shan Rd. 
West Central District,  
Tainan City 70043 
Tel:+886 6-222-4790 
Email: tainan@intake.education 
Website: https://intake.education/
Intake Education Taoyuan 
5F-4, No.11,  
Da Tong Road 
Taoyuan District,  
Taoyuan City 33065 
Tel: +886-3-3384716 
Email: taoyuan@intake.education 
Website: https://intake.education/


  • Undergraduate Prospectus 2023

    Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 PDF (8.4MB)

  • Postgraduate Prospectus 2023

    Postgraduate Prospectus 2023 PDF (20.6MB)

  • Pre-Arrival Guide 2022

    Pre-Arrival Guide 2022 PDF (16 MB)

  • Quick Guide to Courses 2022

    Quick Guide to Courses 2022 PDF (1.20MB)

  • International Student Opportunities at NUI Galway

    International Student Opportunities at NUI Galway PDF (1.36MB)

  • Mexican Student Guide

    Mexican Student Guide PDF (1.20MB)

  • Indian Student Guide

    Indian Student Guide PDF (2.81MB)

  • Indonesian Student Guide

    Indonesian Student Guide PDF (1.58MB)

  • Chinese Student Guide

    Chinese Student Guide PDF (1.35MB)

  • North American Guide

    North American Guide PDF (1.49MB)

  • Malaysian Student Guide

    Malaysian Student Guide PDF (1.31MB)

  • Hong Kong Student Guide

    Hong Kong Student Guide PDF (1.12MB)

  • Saudi Arabian Students

    Saudi Arabian Students PDF (1.14MB)

  • UAE Student Guide

    UAE Student Guide PDF (1.04MB)

  • Nigerian Ghanaian Guide

    Nigerian Ghanaian Guide PDF (1.16MB)