January 2022

Kieran Conboy and MIT’s Keri Perlson ran the annual CIO Forum on 28 January 2022 in Austin, Texas. The day included a keynote with Dantley Davis, Chief Research & Design Officer @ Twitter, round table discussions and exec panel on remote working and future tech trends, and best paper awards based on a vote by top execs in the technology field. The Summit was hybrid allowing for those that cannot make it to Austin, Texas in person. Full agenda here 

October 2021

MBA Lecturer Dr. Eoin Whelan interview with CNN about his research on fitness technologies. October 2021. Listen here

Publication: Bohan, S., Levie, J., Sarang, T., and Tippmann, E.  (2021) Bridging Academic and Practitioner Definitions of Scaling Businesses [International Refereed Conference] ISBE Conference Cardiff, UK, 29/10/2021.

September 2021

RTE Brainstorm: 8 actions that would make the Local Property Tax more acceptable to taxpayers by Dr. Gerard Turley. 15th September 2021. Available here

Conference Paper - Sintejudeanu , M. and Robbins, G. (2021). Governing collaborations: the case of a mandated hospital network,  presented at European Institute of Advanced Management Studies 11th International Public Sector Conference, Belfast. 

Prof. Kate Kenny gave a podcast in conversation with Tereza Østbø Kuldova Black Box by Algorithmic Governance Research Network, Norway. Listen back here

August 2021

MBA lecturer Professor Esther Tippmann together with Pamela Sharkey Scott and Mark Gantly article is published by Harvard Business Review on Which Hybrid Work Model Is Best for Your Business? Read Here >>

June 2021

Conference Papers - MBA lecturers Conaty, F. C. and Robbins, G. (2021). The role of service user advocacy in transforming management control systems, and accountability in disability service NPOs,  presented at European Institute of Advanced Management Studies 13th Workshop on the Challenges of Managing the Third Sector, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Irish Examiner: How your face can lead to Zoom meeting business fatigue.  Dr. Eoin Whelan. Available here

May 2021

Publication: Conaty, F., Robbins, G. (2021) The role of service user advocacy in transforming management control systems, and accountability in disability service NPOs 13th EIASM WORKSHOP ON THE CHALLENGES OF MANAGING THE THIRD SECTOR. Read more >>

April 2021

MBA lecturer Professor Alma McCarthy and Dr Katerina Bohle-Carbonell at NUI Galway, Tomás Ó Síocháin and Deirdre Frost at Western Development Commission launched the Third Remote Working Survey in April 2021. Take survey here >> 

MBA lecturer Dr. Elaine Wallace, new research identifies Dirty altruists among four types who post about charity online. The NUI Galway Press Release states that new research as revealed four different types of individual who post about charity on their social media, and it found that some types are less altruistic than they might first appear. You can listen to Dr Wallace interview with Cormac O'hEadhra on RTE Radio 1 Drivetime on 27 April 2021 Emerald Insight Article 7 Feb 2021 >>

MBA lecturer Prof Esther Tippmann, PhD Professor of Strategy at NUI Galway led a study in collaboration with Pamela Sharkey Scott, Professor of Strategy and International Business at DCU and Mark Gantly, Adjunct Professor of Management at NUI Galway. NUI Galway Press Release explains how this new research study finds innovation can thrive when remote teams feel empowered to share ideas and engage in rigorous debate. This research has been published in Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Management Review. Sloan Management Review >> 

MBA lecturer Prof. Kieran Conboy, NUI Galway, Co-Principal Investigator, Lero hosted a keynote talk Evaluating the Central Role of Technology in Today’s Obsession with Speed and Acceleration at The Business Show 2021, April 22nd 2021. The Business Show >>

March 2021

MBA lecturer Dr. Elaine Wallace published a study asking the question: Do our social media likes reflect what we do and think offline? We can present a curated version of ourselves on our social media accounts, where everything that we associate with signals a particular version of ourselves. RTE Brainstorm 9 March 2021 >>

On 4 March 2021, Professor Kate Kenny co-hosted a panel on Gender and Whistleblowing: A hidden aspect of speaking up. This event, hosted by the Whitaker Institute, discussed how to date whistleblower research has been largely gender neutral, raising questions about the status of knowledge and understanding in this area. Learn more about the event and watch its video recording here.

February 2021

MBA lecturer Dr Elaine Wallace, Senior Lecturer in Marketing in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza, Spain has carried out a study on how Instagram Likes affect peopleIrish Tech News 25 Feb 2021 >>

October 2020

MBA lecturer Professor Alma McCarthy and Dr Katerina Bohle-Carbonell at NUI Galway, and Tomás Ó Síocháin and Deirdre Frost at Western Development Commission published a Second Remote Working Survey in October 2020. Led by Professor Alma McCarthy and Dr Katerina Bohle-Carbonell at NUI Galway, and Tomás Ó Síocháin and Deirdre Frost at Western Development Commission.  National Remote Working Employee Survey has found 94% of workers would like to work remotely some or all of the time when the Covid-19 crisis ends RTE News October 2020 >>

April 2020

MBA lecturer Prof. Alma McCarthy, Professor of Public Sector Management, NUI Galway and the Western Development Commission (WDC) produced the First Remote Working Survey reporting that over 80% of people working from home during pandemic want to continue doing so. She said that the top benefits cited by 7,241 respondents were no traffic and no commute, the reduced cost of going to work and greater flexibility to the working day. Irish Examiner May 2020 >>