Dr Helen Dolores Grealish



Helen Dolores Grealish, M.A., B.A., SRN is a teacher/lecturer in the Discipline of Health Promotion in the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway). Helens' PhD explored the influence of academic research in health policy. It specifically looked at the area of alcohol and drug policy. Prior to working in NUI Helen worked as a general nurse ( in UCHG. Following the completion of a BA in Economic and Social Studies (specialism in health studies) and a MA in health services research Helen worked as a Nurse researcher in both the public and private sector. Her research interests are health policy and the wider influence of academic research outside of its contributions to academic knowledge. Helens' other research interests are non-communicable diseases and how the risk factors can be addressed at the public policy level.

Teaching Interests

Teaching Interests Discipline of Health Promotion, NUI Galway Programme coordinator (2018 – present) Specialist Certificate Outreach Programme(s), Discipline of Health Promotion, NUI Galway
  1. 1PCW1 Postgraduate Certificate in Health Promotion in Workplace Wellness.
  2. 1PCH1 Postgraduate Certificate in Health Promotion (Approaches to Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes Prevention). 
  1. 1SOH1 Specialist Certificate in Health Promotion in Oral Health.         1SYH1 Specialist Certificate in health Promotion in Youth Health Course Coordinator (2019-20)

Modules Taught

  Term/Year Module Title Module Code Subject / Desc
2019-2020 Reorienting Health Services HP852 This module explores the application of the settings approach to the health services, paying particular attention to primary care and hospitals.