Latest update: 23.02.2022


For information re pensions contact the NUIG Pensions and Investment Office.


In October 2015 printed payslips were phased out.

Online payslips are accessed via the Core Portal, using your Campus Account credentials. For full details see the Payroll Office’s Payslips page.

For anyone having difficulty printing a payslip, the following information on the Payslip FAQ page may be useful:

Q. Do I have a legal entitlement to a printed payslip?
A. NUI Galway is legally required to provide employees with access to a Payslip and the facility to print this payslip if the employee so wishes. For certified payslips please bring a printed copy of your payslips to the Accounts Reception in the Quadrangle to be stamped.

Information about payroll dates may be found on the Payroll Office’s Payment Dates page

Discount schemes

NUIG Staff Discount scheme

As members of the Staff Club, retired staff can avail of this. Details can be found on HR’s  Financial Wellbeing page,

Trade union discount schemes

Staff who continue as members of a trade union after retirement (see  below, ‘Trade union membership and union dues’) can avail of other countrywide discounts. See, for example, Membership Plus discounts throughout Ireland available to members of IFUT.

Seniors Card scheme

Over-60s can obtain a free Seniors Card. See the Seniors Card website for the application form. Alternatively, phone 01 4603615, or email This scheme has been developed in association with Active Retirement Ireland.

Trade union dues

Trade unions normally offer a reduced rate or a life membership option to retired staff who wish to continue as members.

Note: If you wish to remain a member of your trade union, you must ask for the appropriate deduction to be made. Without that initiative on your part, payment of union dues will automatically cease from the date of your retirement.


See Volunteering & Donations on this site.

Entitlements for older persons

Citizens Information is a Public Services information source which provides information about services and provisions. It has a section on older persons’ entitlements. Topics include financial matters (e.g. taxation), health and social supports.